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Sweet Dreams

August 19, 2011
By DantesDilemma SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
DantesDilemma SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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"Human beings are free, except when humanity needs them.

Sweet dreams, sweet dreams
Life is tearing at the seams

Pick and choose and rearrange,
Make it better, make it strange
Topsy turvy twisted tangled
Memories and thoughts are mangled.
Logic, reason, take their leave,
While madness dances on the eaves
Of a mind entrenched in sleep,
Entertain a slumber deep.
These visions of joy (or of fear)
In mornings light will disappear,
So hold a scrap, a shard, a shred
Keep the madness in your head.
Let it inspire, let it speak
To break the walls of reason bleak.

Sweet dreams, sweet dreams,
We are more than what we seem.

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