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Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Aether

August 6, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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" Art is beauty everlasting "

The drops of rain upon a window breathing

Giving life deeper purpose as troubles are remembered

An exasperated sigh restores anxious waters below us

Our hearts alive the sea brings forth calm and pain alike

The storms bring understanding and rage twin thunder

These waters are my passion where emotions are my motion

The world around me discovered through the love we seldom show

Art reborn into a greater depth of truer bliss

The sands shift through wasted times of memories

The rocks that slumber in our hands, almost like a lie

Whilst nothing is real or all is pain this is our hardest fight

Our troubles move with the sync of our courage

The will to carry on will give us hope that the ground beneath our feet

Will hold us through these hardships wherever we may meet

And whilst any mountain we may climb or in desert we are alone

You have loved me through the ages, clearly time has shown

The burnings of pages, inked in blood and life

Dying embers of a different breed carried on in strife

Wars that have scorched a thousand different lands

And every word does sting like the burning of our hearts

But these scars do help to show us even now

That no matter how we are burned time will swing around

And like the phoenix, reborn from the grave

We will soar into a new abyss of flame

This candle may vanish but will never be extinguished

As long as it still burns inside our soul

The winds that caress of our lips and face

Does foretell of different time and place

Ominous callings of these gusts of fate

Pray tell we separate two entities loved as one?

Please fly into the arms of this everlasting feeling

Because another sky and another place in the heavens

Could never be as serene as where I was inside your heart

How am I supposed to life without you

When the winds of fate carry me away?

But minds may drift on and on yes they shall

As we part away with one more kiss

The spirits and the ghosts may dance with us my dear

Where grandfather clocks chime into a new reality

As the embers roar, oceans crash, sands erode into a windy place

We are gone yes but never forgotten to the spirits from this world

As our past eludes the present of our future love

Never forget your faith and what you do believe

Gorgeous mornings and quiet nights do say

That souls shine on through any kind of day

So we do part to the heavens from ancient earth, where oceans kiss our graces

Because it was better to burn out than fade away...................................

The author's comments:
The elements and how I perceive them on a philasophical level

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