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A Friend

July 17, 2011
By eliana375 GOLD, Massachusetts
eliana375 GOLD, Massachusetts
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Where do you turn when things are wrong?
When you just don’t know where to turn?
You need a place of comfort.
The comfort in the arms of a friend.
Who always has their arms wide open.
For you to come and pour out your tears and worries.
The person who will allow you to be yourself.
Who you know is always there.
With a smile to brighten your day.
With a kind word to make you feel better.
With a warm heart to share some of its love with you.
A very special person.
Who sees you fall.
And helps you get back up.
Who gives you constant support.
In what you strive to do and whenever you need a hand.
Who cares.
When you think nobody does.
Who believes in you.
When you don’t believe in yourself.
Who listens.
When you think nobody wants to hear you.
Who loves you.
When you think nobody does.
And loves you no matter what happens.

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