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You and Your Truth

June 27, 2008
By FluteChick PLATINUM, Jefferson, Oregon
FluteChick PLATINUM, Jefferson, Oregon
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The story never goes just as we want it to
We make our mistakes along the road
And yet we have so far to go
I feared I wouldn't reach the end
But when I looked deep in your eyes
I saw the story might truly begin
Just as I wanted it to set out
On this long and difficult path...
There was truth in your eyes
And a smile on your lips
Such truth that I couldn't stand being without it
I couldn't stand the thought of being without you
Without your truth
And I love you for it...
But now I fear
I won't see you again
They say you're not coming back
They say you will leave us behind...
But you spoke to me
You said you'd return
I should have asked you to promise
I should have said a lot of things
I should have...
But I didn't look into your eyes when I asked
Because I was afraid
Afraid I'd see the truth
Afraid I'd see that you were lying
I didn't want you to lie
So badly
I wanted you to tell me you were coming back
I wanted to hear lies
I shouldn't want
But I do
And I want you back because I want to know
I want to know the end of this story
Will it end in tears?
Will I find love?
Or will I just be in want...?
I am afraid
And that is truth
But should I want the truth?
Yes, I know I should
I saw it in your eyes once
I would love to see it again
Just as I would love to see you again
You and your truth

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