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June 27, 2011
By x-Miss_Invisible-x SILVER, Temple Terrace, Florida
x-Miss_Invisible-x SILVER, Temple Terrace, Florida
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"I'm Just like a cork. No Matter How Long You Hold Me Under Water; I will always Pop back up to the top!"

My body freezes, my heart quakes.
Breathing in wheezes, my body it shakes.
I bit my lip, loving this sensation.
I can not quit, the thought brings devastation.
I am, Addicted.

My palms spit up sweat, it gathers in hand.
It is no secret, but why I crave is hard to understand.
What drives me, what makes this so hard to go with out
I may look crazy, but I need it without doubt..
I am addicted.

The mere smell of its presence, sends me quivering.
Ohh the joys i sense, its near my body's shivering.
Your lips are just before me. Just lean into my face,
Entrust me with your kisses glory. Let me its riches encase.
I'm addicted..

All i wish is but one hands touch, all I wish is one last word.
I don't believe i ask to much, so don't believe I'm absurd.
All I wish is one last, just once more..
Don't digress, give me what I beg for.
I'm addicted.

You told me how I can not, so I ask just one last fix.
Don't give it second thought. I NEED this.
I am not crazy, I'm only persistent.
So just give into plea, for the last time make be jubilant.
I'm addicted.

For when you leave, I'll continue you keep eye.
Until once more i retrieve, I'm like your secret spy.
I'll stay in the shadow.. I'll smell the air you breathe..
I'll always follow, its what happens when you try to escape me..
I'm addicted...

The author's comments:
I promise I'm not a stalker , lol . It just came to me because I'm currently feeling as though I'm in deep like with someone. I can't stop thinking about them so it's dragged me into a state in which I feel as though I'm suffocating them. And suddenly, this came up.

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