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Dance Studio

July 6, 2011
By ErisRose DIAMOND, Ashburn, Virginia
ErisRose DIAMOND, Ashburn, Virginia
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Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori- Love conquers all let us yield to love
Sweat Dries, Blood Clots, Bones Heal, Suck it up and dance!
If they give you ruled paper, write the other way

Slow rhythmic music swirling over my head
Quietly blended with gentle footsteps occasionally
Followed by a thump against the ground
Music bending to the flow of movement
Gracefully switching from high to low
Rocking back and forth

Music is loud, angry, beating through, pulsing
Like an energy driven beast
Metal scraping, slamming against wood
Music gets loud, matching the steady tapping
Then swishing through the air comes slender legs

Silent murmuring, trying not to be heard,
Then booming voices commanding silence,
Yet with a hint of amusement

Laughter beautiful, all ages in a still room
Where the only noise is the occasional buzz of a phone
Trickling water pouring from a plastic bottle
Crinkling of plastic wrappers
Bobby pins clink as the hit the floor

Music starts back up, panting through the fast
Edgy beats, afterwards thuds as
Tired bodies crash against the floor

Gasps of shock and amazement slice through the silence rising
Applause, applause rising in tempo and volume
Clapping, clapping
Now we take a bow

The author's comments:
this was an English assignment where I was supposed to write a poem about the sounds I heard in one place, and I chose my dance studio.

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