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A beautiful Rose

June 20, 2011
By EnochDreams GOLD, Simi Valley, California
EnochDreams GOLD, Simi Valley, California
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A rose simple in elegance. Beauty, a site to see. 
Her thorns may hurt but they do not show, a red rose that dazzles, angelically glows. So sweet so soft petal to petal floats in the air waits to settle. Kind in tone from flowers that woe the most amazing of flowers to show. A rose so simple in elegance, beauty a site to see. A rose i hold, care for so delicately. 
A rose that rest in nights air, pristine and crisp. her petals a kiss. gentle and tender. all seek a rose so unique passion of love, red her color of joy a rose so harmonious yet so simple this is the rose i hold oh so dear, next to my heart her memory held for years and years. after she withers and fades away i still hold her till the end of days. a rose simple in elegance. beauty a site to see.

The author's comments:
I wrote this regarding one of my friends, I was inspired by her beauty comparing that to a rose.

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