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Is this Earnesty?

June 17, 2011
By Fawny PLATINUM, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Fawny PLATINUM, Cheyenne, Wyoming
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It scares me to say this
Yet the fear I lightly dismiss.
But kid, i think I love you.
And I believe you feel the same about me, two.
Oh, How I hope you do!

I know it's too soon to tell,
But I know I'm already under your spell.
I can learn to shelter this emotion,
Even as you feed me your potion.
I will gladly follow your misleading notion.

You continually lead me on,
Am I too paraniod, or are you too wanton?
Please, just keep going.
I can learn to accept not knowing.
Overbearing doubt is worth this glowing.

You say I was given eighty percent.
Please, don't let your heart only be for rent.
But eighty can be enough.
After all, one hundred is simply too tough.
Any less, and this road would be too rough.

I'm unsure of how far we'll go.
Then again, does anybody really know?
But I'm willing to try if you are.
Will we shine together, as one star?

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