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June 13, 2011
By HunterGreen SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
HunterGreen SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
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-Stephan King

For closure I read
For closure I cry
For closure I write
For closure I work
For closure I dream

For closure he drinks
For closure he yells
For closure he quits on the only people who have to love him
For closure he lies
For closure he slurs his words
For closure he troughs things at the walls that traps him in this life of his

Foreclosure sucks
Foreclosure means getting kicked out of the only home that you have ever known
Foreclosure is not my fault but it still leaves proof of it etched on the back on my skull
Because of this foreclosure I am being forced to pack up everything and leave everyone that I know
This foreclosure means that I am leaving the place where most of my memories came into existence
But I am happy to be forced from this place that I have wanted to run away from for so many years

Most of the memories that took place inside this house are the ones that I have been trying to block out since he got back for Iraq
He changed over there. He will never been the same dad that I knew.
This foreclosure has given me the chance to run from it all
After he got back . . . that’s when I started looking for closure
The memories that have been stenciled on to the twists and turns of my fragile brain make me not want to feel anymore.
It’s too much emotion! I want out! I never signed up for this!

I can almost see the closure that I have been seeking for seven years!
It is so close!
I am slowly getting m closure back by locking the door that has been letting him slip in and out of my life for so long
This time I will blot, glue, melt it shut, anything to keep him from ever messing with me again!
By hiding in my books he can’t find me!
By writing, hopefully one day I can write him out of my life!
This foreclosure has made me look for closure

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my dad and my moms divorce, our foreclosure, and my dads return from Iraq. I hope you will understand what i have been through and learn from it!

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