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The First and Last Shooting Star

June 2, 2011
By SareyZ GOLD, Lakehills, Texas
SareyZ GOLD, Lakehills, Texas
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"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." -Douglas Noel Adams

The doctor quickly called the nurse to room 429
"Hurry nurse, this boy doesn't have much time."
I felt the doctor stick a needle into me,
I have a form of cancer, and I'm sure it's deadly.
I'm only 8, though I'm thankful I was put on this earth,
Still, sometimes I wonder exactly how much my life is worth.
Oh my, I am filled to the brim with fright.
Oftentimes I stay up crying late at night.
After a day of I.V.'s, shots, blood transfusions and stuff,
I thank God that He's made me so tough.
At night before I try to fall asleep,
I cry and pray, wish and weep.
Sometimes I wonder what it's like to live a normal life,
Eating solids, going to school, someday having kids and a wife.
Oh no, I hear the doctor yelling for his nurse,
I need another radiation therapy.
Maybe this time it might even shrink my brain tumor,
I have hope, though there's no known cure.
I'm feeling drowsy, my eyelids are drooping, my migraine's coming back
Of course therapy's gonna most likely make me lose hair, and cause my blood count to lack.
Oh well, I'm getting sleepy now, but I'll soon be back in my room,
Maybe tonight they'll let me look outside at the full moon.
Well, therapy's done, I'm glad it's over, at least for now,
There's something telling me though, that it's the last therapy I'll ever have somehow.
I'm feeling tired, "nurse, open the window please," I beg hard,
Oh look at all the pretty glowing stars!
Too bad I'll never see them from outside up close,
But I do still wish the most,
That one day cancer will be over, that there'll be some cure,
That no more people or children will die, that's for sure.
Oh look, a shooting star! I see it through the streaked window glass.
I better make a wish, it could very well be my last.

"Dear Lord, I wish with all my might,
That you please bring me home tonight.
I feel I have suffered enough, I can't take it anymore,
I am feeling pain, I am oh-so sore.
Please, I'm begging you, I don't know exactly why,
I was put on this earth, so young to die.
I do thank you for allowing me to live
These full 8 years, and now my soul I'm willing to give
To you, please do as you wish, please allow me to come
Up to live with you forever in the Heaven's above
Where there'll be no suffering, no pain, no tears,
Where dying won't any longer be a fear.
It never was a fear of mine,
Because I know that up there, you'll treat me just fine.
Dear God, please take me up with you,
If it be your Will, please, please do.
I thank you for everything you've ever given me,
For sending that shooting star to see,
And help me know that though it was very far away,
So does Heaven seem, but I'll then be there to stay.
Please give me a body, painless and new,
Please allow me to come and live with you.
Thank you dear Lord, for everything on this earth,
And thank you for letting me know that my life really is worth
Much to those who love me dear,
And help my parents know there is nothing left to fear.
That I will be with you forever and ever, Amen."

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