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June 11, 2011
By Angel_Williams BRONZE, Alton, Missouri
Angel_Williams BRONZE, Alton, Missouri
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Your hearts in my hand

I'm squeezing you heart tight
Blood running down with might
The pain in your eyes is such a
Your to weak to put up a fight

Your hearts in my hand

Your like my toy
Teardrops so coy
You make me act like such a boy

Your hearts in my hand

Your mine to control
I'm never letting you go
A love like ours is all you will know
So let your pain show

Your hearts in my hand

I was suppose to be your man
Its to late to say i can
I loved you and you ran

Your hearts in my hand

I watch as you cry
not sure whats a lie
as i just stand by
stand by and watch you die

The author's comments:
My girlfriend had cheated on me and said that she was sorry and begged me to take her back and i agreed. i later realized i was hurting her any way i could to get revenge.

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