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June 11, 2011
By Angel_Williams BRONZE, Alton, Missouri
Angel_Williams BRONZE, Alton, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"The silence scares me cuz screams the truth" - P!nk

A beautiful bright day
Mild fluffy clouds so deceiving
Green pastures all about
The suns rays brightly shining
Streams flowing with ease
All of Earth smiling

With a community to be keen
All inside closed doors
Vines growing everywhere
Houses in a line on a path
Path black and broken
Trees growing tall as mountains

Deer come out to play
Only a few left
The long haired rabbit appeared
The last of its kind
Rain appeared next to lightning
And scared the animals away

Lightning hit a gas tank
and blew a hole in a house
there lying on the bed
was a man lying his head
his flesh had extinct
as thunder pounds all of the decay

The author's comments:
What i believe will happen on Earth

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