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The Romancers

May 30, 2011
By Ladylikeinquisition145 GOLD, Montclair, New Jersey
Ladylikeinquisition145 GOLD, Montclair, New Jersey
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"Angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night... Moloch whose eyes are a thousand blind windows!...Moloch who frightened me out of my natural ecstasy!" -Howl Allen Ginsberg

The woman in her chair has righteous indignation.
Yet what are we?
If not a constant culmination,
Of habitual adultery,
Of our memories ticking into frailer days.
A fickle friend that bites his tongue,
Coughing and spouting, getting his lays,
Produces a smile for every wrung.
His breath is raw,
The past grabbing the future,
He perceives them as braw,
Not willing to nurture.
Wrought with jealousy,
His bride contorts,
Watching maliciously,
As he panders and courts.
The games one plays,
Silent or boisterous
It only displays,
Mortal need of torturous,
Fantastic tribulation.
Continuous self-infliction.
With the infinite implication,
Of blackened speech and diction.

The author's comments:
A documentary on Salvador Dali inspired this piece.
I hope to have people understand what emotions are drawn from the mistakes people make. (Cause and Effect)

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ZIPCOACH123 said...
on Jul. 1 2011 at 1:36 am
Wow this is one of the best pieces i have ever read. it is so emotional and i could totally understand the concept. the vocabulary was very descriptive as well. it was extremely powerful and aroused strong feelings. Truly a great poem