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A different house

February 8, 2008
By Kathryn Mahan PLATINUM, Fredonia, Kansas
Kathryn Mahan PLATINUM, Fredonia, Kansas
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We have a new house
Daddy says the old one’s been old forever.
Lola doesn’t like it.
Lola cries she’ll run away
and go home, but she’s only four.

Lloyd is proud;
he and Dad worked and worked:
New glass windows and a
screened storm door, and fresh paint.

Christopher races through the halls
and cleans his new room every day
now that he doesn’t have to share.
That won’t last long!

Theresa doesn’t say too much
she packed and unpacked with impassive eyes
And she doesn’t care her room will be
the warmest when winter comes.
-Lola and Theresa should be closer.

Dad tells his stories – his stories!
- about the history of the house,
about the neighbors,
and about our luck.
He really loves it here.

The house is different…
different sounds at night,
different dogs to bark
and birds to cry
and different trees to watch with awe in autumn.

Daddy’s begged me to like it here,
and I don’t mind something new…
but we’ve got a new house,
a different house…

that’ll take some getting used to.

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