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Time to Spare

May 12, 2011
By Austinn BRONZE, Haha, Colorado
Austinn BRONZE, Haha, Colorado
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Her head is between her knees, and her eyes are full of tears
She is close to suffering, with every inch he nears
He is talking to her, and yet she feels alone
But he is only a boy, and the first she’s called your own
The girl does not believe him, and she feels like he’s been caught
But he loves her truly whether she believes it or not
If she continues what she’s doing, her first love will be her last
The boy is trying to hold her, and tells her to forget the past
But the girl won’t put the knife down, she says it’s all his fault
She threatens violence upon herself, and the boy comes to a halt
He tells her that she’s crazy, and needs to remain still
But she won’t listen to anyone and let’s her own blood spill
She starts to cut her wrist, and blood surfaces near the top
The boy starts to yell, yell for her to stop
He tells her she is senseless, and that she’s killing his soul
It might be painful and senseless but it’s the only pain she can control
The girl says this is revenge for the times you made me cry

The boy says he was honest, and that he never lied
The girl began to laugh and she asked if he would die
The boy got hurt, his heart was broken; all because he tried
His heart was at the guillotine, and she was wearing the black mask
He hung his head in shame and walked off to do what she had asked
That night there was a news report, two bodies had been slain
A girl who died of bleeding, and a boy who died from pain

The author's comments:
I thought it'd be a happier direction from my other work.

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