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sour valentines

May 2, 2011
By CourtneyRose SILVER, Midlothian, VA, Virginia
CourtneyRose SILVER, Midlothian, VA, Virginia
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"I'm merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is."

when i was young
i believed in a thing called love
with cupids and meanings
and heartbeats and feelings

it's almost funny now
that i still save it in the back of my mind
that love still has a chance
that i'll get that second glance

the hearts surround my brain,
slowly suffocate my breath
the high makes me drunk
even though i know my hopes are sunk

a stupid little valentine
and i find the prospect lingering there
that stupid little cupid will stick my butt
and, oh, what luck

The author's comments:
Written through the eyes of those people who are outwardly sick with love and this obsession with boyfriends and girlfriends, but deep down really wishes it was them getting the chocolates and the flowers and the kisses...

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