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"The Brightest Star Who Thought She Was The Dullest"

April 27, 2011
By SmartMoron SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
SmartMoron SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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"Before I speak, I have something important to say."--Groucho Marx

You're beautiful.
Just plain gorgeous.
And everyone can see it.
You've always blazed the very brightest.

Just because the figure in the mirror tells you differently,
doesn't make it true.

You say you want to disappear.
You ASSURE me that you won't be missed.
But if the brightest star fell out of the sky...
wouldn't you miss it?

I know I would.

Can't you see me wince every time you make these terrible marks on your arms and legs?
Every time you hurt yourself.
Every time you feel alone.
Don't you know it tears me apart every time you cry?

I'd take you away if I could.
You KNOW that I would.

You think you're hopeless,
but I'm feeling helpless.
I can't save my best friend from being swallowed by the world.

I can't keep the brightest star from falling out of the sky.

And I KNOW that your life is s***.
I'm AWARE that you are hurting.
And maybe it's true that you were dealt a sorry excuse for a hand.

But you can play your cards like they're the best ones in the deck.
You can still beat the game and win the prize.
You have the brains and the bravery to create your own happiness.
You have the will.
The determination.
And you can do it before it's too late.
Before you really HAVE dimmed.

Because a world without you is as empty as you're feeling inside.

You may think you're ugly.
A waste of space.
You may act as though you're unwanted.

But you're still the brightest star in the sky, babe.

Don't you dare take the coward's way out when I know you're stronger then that.

When I know you've given more than that.
When I know you've hurt more than that.
When I KNOW you can handle more than that.

Don't you dare tell me it's too much when you've been through more,
When you've PROVEN you can handle more than that.

I see a star that thinks it has burned out,
That thinks its dimming...
When really?
She JUST started glowing,
She JUST started burning as bright as she could.
And the only thing keeping her from blazing brighter than the cosmos?

Her own fear, and worry, and doubt.
But she doesn't realize that she is amazing.
Such a brilliantly bright star that no one could hope to match her...
If only she knew it herself.
If only she felt it,
Thought it,
Believed it.
But she doesn't.

And that's why I'm here right now,
Because I DO.
I know that you'll burn brighter than so many of us ever will,
You just don't realize it.
And I'll burn myself out trying to get to you see, to think, to feel...
To believe.
And that's a promise.
Because you're a beautiful star, one that burns brightest...
But you think you're the dullest.
You think you'll amount to nothing, that you'll be ashes before you make a spark...
But you're blazing, baby.
Don't you ever forget that.

The author's comments:
This one came from a friend with a lot of problems. I hope she realizes just how amazing she really is.

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