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Forgotten Who

March 25, 2011
By Boolovesyou SILVER, Christiansburg, Virginia
Boolovesyou SILVER, Christiansburg, Virginia
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Forgotten who uses words like play-dough
and ask, "Am I your best friend?"
Who is needles and hugs
Who is a knife and is hiding behind my back
Whose heart is surrounded by ice, is to hidden to be exposed today.
Who tells me I love you.
Who tells me I will never be there for you.
Whose notes are deceiving,
can't tell me their lies anymore.
Hides me in their backpack.
Who use to hold me dear,
is lost.
Is a plastic bag sinking in the river.
Is spiteful though I need you!Doesn't live in my life anymore,
is fallen underneath the pages. Who still tries to control me,
is notes and knifes and all heart.
Who thought I stole their heart,
Is the best friend that answered, "No."
Asking can I still be your best friend?
Who loves forgotten?

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