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A Rose In the Winter

April 15, 2011
By LightMeUpTheStars BRONZE, Middletwown, Pennsylvania
LightMeUpTheStars BRONZE, Middletwown, Pennsylvania
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"No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky."
"Insecurities are about as useful as trying to put the pin back in the grenade."

Like a falling out now, fading from the skyline. You’re losing your control you don’t know yourself anymore. Coursing through your veins, feels like a weight pressing down. Choices now to be changed forever, losing your control you need over people. They know now that you aren’t yourself anymore. God, I still miss you. I’ll try to cover it up with a smile and a line, though I doubt you care. He’s taking control over your thoughts, you think he’s right for it. Now and again I’ll look back on it, do I take what I have? A rose in the winter? Only more beauty to come in the spring and so forth. Or do I try to barter it for a diamond, maybe not the best but close to the heart. A beauty like none other, the though I used to think. Truly just a memory now, our laughs, our talks. To be thrown into a hurricane with a sense of direction, all I know is pain can be a virtue. The courage you feel to move on, to speak your heart when you know your mind is right. I’m losing a part of me in either choice. A diamond may last forever but without life, what’s it worth? Though the rose may wilt, it can be brought back. The beauty that nature long sought after for. So fragile, yet strong. Quiet, but driven. The rarest rose, can give hope and meaning to a lost soul. The rarest rose already has. Now the diamond may be nice to look at, play with, but what’s it truly worth? To be caught up in the physical nature of it all. But with this beauty still comes the loss, the glint will fade, the cut will change. Lose itself to keep up with people, who won’t last long. Clean cut and crisp is what you try off as, though I know the truth, even when I don’t believe it. Broken, changed and used is all it’s worth to say anymore. The one who wears you know, there’s no meaning behind it, just the physical. But the rose… The rose knows in life, natural love, cannot be bought. The choice, a shot through my heart still, because of what’s lost. I’ll come to this end, the two still in my heart. What I need is life, an honest opinion of what life is. This choice in the life still doesn’t come easy. A rose in the winter, more beauty to come…

The author's comments:
Maybe my rose has wilted but she's still as precious as the day I met her.

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