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I Am the River

March 19, 2011
By anniers SILVER, Newton, Massachusetts
anniers SILVER, Newton, Massachusetts
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Passing it as every day, reflective glass so clear
Yet so strong it wavers whenever I come near
Dropping my heavy stuff, I quickly look around
And lower my once-noble chin to silver, sparkling ground
Examining the broken mirror for what my eyes see
Disturbing, how if I were blind my heart couldn’t find me
Grabbing my pack I swear the second that I leave
The water stills an image I never can retrieve
And this routine recycled as my feelings seem to be
With expectations tight as clothes, how can I be free?
And in the morning what strange force to image does compel
When shallow thought assures me that I know myself so well?

I’d probably say I was a rock, but I guess rocks can fly
It took a lot of thinking, but my chin’s now in the sky
Of course it’s still a challenge to walk along that brilliant path
But I’m no longer subjected to my own destructive wrath
The world’s a twisted haze I can’t begin to understand
But now I can find solace in the flashlight in my hand
And when the flashlight’s dimmed I smile: blind I still can see
It’s easier to be relaxed now that my heart is free

I cannot vouch for destiny, I haven’t fought my fate
The world is just much easier without harboring hate
That silver river sneers, but I laugh in its face
And that image-eternal joy-no shadow can replace

The author's comments:
I've never really had too much of a problem with beauty, and self-image, but I know many people do. I just want to say that self-esteem problems don't just vanish, but situations can become better. All rocks can fly.

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