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Out of Ideas

June 10, 2008
By P0i3s0c6es GOLD, Richmond, California
P0i3s0c6es GOLD, Richmond, California
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Out of Ideas
I sit here in front of the computer,
In the night’s darkness and to the sound of the cats’ quiet meowing.
My fingers freeze on the keyboard,
Waiting to compose-
Yet, they are unable to.
The clock’s minutes and seconds are ticking by-
It’s ten o’clock-
And I’m still unable to write.
My finger double-clicks the recycling bin,
Where over twenty different word documents are conveniently stored,
Trashed five minutes ago.
I try to think of a way
Try to come up with a way to start a story…
But my mind can only think of playing games
Downloaded from the Internet.
I restore and look at the trashed documents-
Most sound horrible, others half-good,
However, none suit my idea.
Off to the bin they go again.
The clock’s minute hand strikes three.
My eyes are starting to droop.
I yawn and stretch my limbs-
My bed is only just behind me-
I move to close the computer,
Deciding to sleep and rethink the next morning.
Before I know it, I’ve already downloaded a free game trial from Yahoo.

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