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Waters of Life

June 10, 2008
By Jessica Edington SILVER, Gloucester, Virginia
Jessica Edington SILVER, Gloucester, Virginia
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Tears on a lonely night
Like so many falling leaves in autumn
A soft and muted end to a beautiful beginning
Sadly beautiful
They fall faster now, freely
Like a waterfall of should haves and might have beens
Silent yet booming
Now they reach the ground
Plish, plosh, plish, plosh
They dance upon the barren land
So dry from so many years of drought
The thirsty soil drinks in its relief
Where there is a seed
A tiny seed
A seed no bigger than the breath of a flea
But when the water reaches the seed
It begins to grow
Ever so slowly at first
Painfully slow
But as it grows, it grows faster
Faster and faster and faster
Until suddenly, a mighty tree
Stands alone in the barren landscape
A massive, majestic tree
A tree of rebirth, a tree of new beginnings
And around it springs up a mighty forest
A forest so green and bright
Even the blind can see it
And the birds sing merrily from the branches
A song of hope
When all is lost

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