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February 22, 2011
By kag1787 GOLD, Granby, Connecticut
kag1787 GOLD, Granby, Connecticut
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i'd rather be hated for who i am than loved for who i'm not- kurt cobain

these violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which as they kiss consume -Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

we always ask what we're going to learn today,
could you repeat the question?
we all know the answer,
we just don't wanna try.
we all say we want peace,
until we learn what they answered,
we're selfish and blind.
you, even I.
I can't tell the truth,
when I'm buried in lies,
'cos sometimes the answer's,
just too hard to find.
I see all the colors,
when I look at the sky,
but when I look at the faces,
I keep wondering why.
we all want a future,
of love and of life,
but when you don't have freedom,
is the risk worth the price?
I can't say I'm sorry,
when I feel no pain,
survival of the richest,
I've got no one to blame.

The author's comments:
This piece came about addressing a lot of issues that have an impact on everyone's life; racism, money, and freedom. I want this poem to be something that is thought-provoking for people. I want people to read this and think about their own lives and what they can do to better the lives of others. I want people to think, "who do I blame?" for morals, ideals, and choices.

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