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Colored Brothers

February 18, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Coal man what a poor man workin' for the score man going to the store man to steal it for my young man
I'm whorin' never soaring through the night or morning living for that moment's glory
We ran on down to the tracks, running from the law, just to get a loaf of bread, maybe some eggs, that's all
But the boys in blue, didn't let us through, we never even got a chance to say,
If you were broke down in a gutter like me, would you fight or pray?

25 years and finally free, spent 10 years in the penitentiary, With my brother we raced home, even swam across the sea
We raced down through the valleys, and we chugged on that freight train, we would have gone to see our momma, come the hail or pouring rain
We volleyed on like rolling thunder, fast and carefree as could be, racing home to hug our momma, gone from the penitentiary
Dawn broke the horizon skies, where the beaches met the sandy tides, And the mountains roared above village bed, That is were we found momma dead

Gunned down by a lunatic, got her purse and ran so slick, all she had was 2 dollars left, by her side, he took the rest
One for Derick one for me, bloodied cross broken from her neck, the chain she wore to keep us safe, was in ruins as our spirit's wrecked
Father was a bad man and the bottle curved his ways, wasn't depression or addiction, just left no way to trace
The way he beat her and believed her, to be nothing to him at all, Well he surely didn't need her, That's why he never called

And as I long down in the valley, my brother holds me up through the day, and I stand guard outside the house, while he's gone away
Me and him have married angels, saviors in our lives, born to be our fairy tales, and our perfect wives
We still remember momma, what she left behind, The house beyond the sunset, and the peach tree oh so fine

So look down upon us momma, two rising sons in the world, Don't let the mountains block your view, and bundle up when you're cold
We'll be alright now momma, sleep now in the clouds. Watch your sons grow into men, I hope we did you proud

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