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No Reason

February 16, 2011
By JJSchneider GOLD, Camas, Washington
JJSchneider GOLD, Camas, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"I will work harder"-Boxer-Animal Farm

You make me feel weaker!
My legs buckle at the knees!
I beg of you please
"Stand on your own!"
I can't stand for us two!
I once would die for you!


No Lion can be as fierce as you.
You keep lyin';Swearing your words are true.
Laughing in my pain!

What is wrong with you?

You make me sick and insane!
Look me in the eyes again!
Glare at me as you twirl your pen!
Wherever you've been...I've been there too.
What have I ever done to you?
I think about you one or two times a day.
You swear I will pay!

For what...?

It's time to stand.
I need to ask and be a Man.
Time is in my hands.
You hold a lance!
Ready to strike me before you even glance.

I look to you and say...

" I am here for you! Better believe that's true. I mean it too. I would still rather die; Then to see you feeling blue. "

She lowers her weapon...I continue...

" Tell me now, Why do you practice hating your surroundings? How bout you just let me in? "

You pieced me through the chest.
I tried my best but you never trusted me!


For what reason...

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