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Begin. Middle. End. Reset.

February 21, 2011
By DanniTwin502 PLATINUM, Wake Forest, North Carolina
DanniTwin502 PLATINUM, Wake Forest, North Carolina
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"Everything Happens for a reason."
"The only thing I know, is I don't know anything."
"Would you rather me be honest, or lie?"

And one day it took for me to realize it’s over
Guess someone set the clock for a do-over
My hearts denying but I know it’s true
I was never worth anything to you
I’m tired of games, tired of lies
Tired of hearing how people apologize
I want to set the timer, set beginning to end
So I know before my heartbreak begins
It’s only truly happened twice
Guess I should have listened to all that advice
“He’s a player, don’t fall” well it was to late
I don’t know what I saw that made you unique
Your eyes, your smile, the way the sun danced on your skin
The clocks long outdated when this love began
It’s just strange how one little thing makes you realize it’s the end
I guess it’s time to hit the reset button.

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