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February 16, 2011
By marinashutup GOLD, Fair Oaks, California
marinashutup GOLD, Fair Oaks, California
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The subtle hint of blackberries
That lingers on our lips
Rolling down each face and chin
Catching collars as it drips

The bittersweet nostalgia
When I lick the taste away
Remains seared into my memory
On a bright red summer day

She kisses him like passion fruit
But his mouth has fallen slack
As his thoughts are tinged with longing
For a boy who can’t love him back

His boy is off in the distance
With a girl that he’s outgrown
Her lips are stained with blackberries
And he yearns to be alone

She pressed her hand against his chest,
And felt the hollow beating sound
She wonders why these blackberries
Are the only love she’s found

As the purple blood stains our clothes
And the bitter taste seeps in
I cannot help but grimace
As I wipe the nectar from my chin

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