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These Ignorant Eyes

December 24, 2010
By BookWorm579 PLATINUM, Elk Grove, California
BookWorm579 PLATINUM, Elk Grove, California
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"à cœur vaillant rien d’impossible [nothing is impossible to a willing heart]" -French Proverb

These ignorant eyes have yet to witness
Any major tragedy
And the angst in my fragile, teenage heart
Has not wracked me so exquisitely
That I might grow to view the world
And all it holds so bitterly.

And yet,
Despite it all, or lack thereof,
I feel an all-consuming need
To scrawl my thoughts on clean, white paper
As all-expressing poetry.

The author's comments:
So often, poetry is filled with sadness and gloom, but we (including myself) sometimes forget that poetry is great for describing any emotion. Great or small, sad or joyful, conventional or forbidden, a thought can be put into verse.

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