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December 12, 2010
By FindTheBeautyIn_Everything DIAMOND, Grass Lake, Michigan
FindTheBeautyIn_Everything DIAMOND, Grass Lake, Michigan
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I feel like I’m living two lives
There are two of me to hide behind

It’s not something I would have chosen
But I could lie for a dozen roses

I can’t be loud and crazy and always new
Or I can be quiet and shy and just listen to you

I fear so much that one side is better than the next
Maybe this whole thing is just a test

So, please, don’t let me fail
Take my hand and make my trail

I have two sides like I’m two different people
And they, most defiantly, are not equal

I don’t mean to wear these masks, but I can’t help it
I can change my act in a split second

To be honest, I like being the third wheel
Being the center of everything wasn’t the deal

But maybe, sometimes, I want to be noticed
At least hear my name called to know I’m noted

I think the wrong people have high standards
One things for sure, I have all my sides backwards

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