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November 16, 2010
By Shadowfoxz DIAMOND, Washington D.C, District Of Columbia
Shadowfoxz DIAMOND, Washington D.C, District Of Columbia
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Beautiful woman, demonic entity, why do you constantly, steadily, kill me? To slash my innards, gain my trust, glaze my eyes, make me succumb to lust. Why can you let go when I’m bound by chain. Why everytime I see you, I want to cry out your name. Why do you keep drawing me back when I want to get away? Why do you hack me into pieces without caring? I hate you, you creeping thing. Assaulter of my dreams, creator of my nightmares, the baron of my depression, my misery, my agony. Why can’t you go away instead of coming back to attack? Beautiful woman, devil in disguise, wearing things in the occult, that are appealing to only my eyes. You deceive me you lie, you leave when I stay, and yet everything I said was a lie, and all I did was hurt you. I treat you wrong, but what do you do to me? Do you even see it? I hate you. Creature, Beautiful woman, demon, what is the difference? All you do is ignore my pain and create more for me. You creep back into my life when I don’t want you, make me remember the lust we shared, the love we had, and then make me see that it’s all gone up in flames. Creature, demon, devil…would you be satisfied if I unconditionally devoted myself to you? If I let you have my soul one more time, would you go back to how you used to be?

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Relationships...tsk tsk

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