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What we Fail to Hear

October 27, 2010
By Mysteria2000 GOLD, Campbell RIver, Other
Mysteria2000 GOLD, Campbell RIver, Other
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Favorite Quote:
My fall will be for you
My love will be in you
If you be the one to cut me
I will bleed forever

The wind passes by,
as a story is told.
No eye is glanced,
flickering flames go cold.

Time is trapped,
as they unwillingly meet.
Fate has progressed,
while our lives invite deceit.

Voices inflame us,
while our silence uproars.
The earth absorbs our negativity,
as it shutters to the core.

Oh if the moon could speak,
An ode to the sun.
They are so different,
Yet none are shunned.
The waters collide,
to create such a storm,
We all run with fear,
ignoring what such griefs forms.

The author's comments:
It saw the moon and thought about how great my life has become since accepting a nature based religion in my life.

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