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The Tales of Immortals

October 23, 2010
By aznskills90214 BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
aznskills90214 BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
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We are immortals
Four warriors strong
You were our weakness
The one to lead us on

I am one of the four
listen to my tale
I don't have time left,
growing old and pale

Even the mighty will fall
and we have all fallen for you
You are our princess, what we treasure,
Whatever you say we shall do

At the first sight
we did not realize our affection
but as time grew on
you surpassed expectations

After such a truth dawned
The race, the war
started among
The immortal four

A long endless fight
where strength and skills were put to test
Each went upon the task differently
But all knew the last man standing was best

For my own reasons
I retired from this race
Now I choose to disappear
To leave leave this place

From the shadows, I was born
Took the world by surprise
Now the deed is done
To the shadows...where I lie

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