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My favorite place

October 14, 2010
By Allykattz PLATINUM, Rehoboth, Massachusetts
Allykattz PLATINUM, Rehoboth, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"This much I know is true That God blessed the broken road That led me straight to you"-Rascal Flatts

My favorite place besides in your arms
Is in front of the fire beneath the stars
Where we sat together so many years ago
I knew then our friendship would only grow

Days went by too fast and soon years did too
Our lives changed but deep down I always knew
If ever, whenever my fears did again appear
Our friendship would yet again become clear

Time tore us apart but it couldn’t keep us that way
We always found each other when life went astray
In that moment I needed you like you needed me
And we made a promise that friends we will always be

We may travel in different directions for a while
But as long as you’re in my life I will always smile
You can bring out the best in me on my worst day
I know I can count on you when trouble comes my way

It’s hard to feel warm again after leaving your arms
Because I know there I’ll always be free from harm
The look in your eyes and feel of your touch
They both let me know that you care so much

You see through me in a way only you ever could
You understand me in a way only a best friend would
You make me feel special and even when we disagree
I hope you know that in my heart you will forever be

My favorite place besides lying in your arms
Is in front of the bon fire beneath the stars
Where I know we will sit together again one day
Because our true friendship will never go away

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