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Whats Life Without A Little Dessert part 2

October 12, 2010
By Jsullivan BRONZE, Huckleberryfinlane, Michigan
Jsullivan BRONZE, Huckleberryfinlane, Michigan
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"Cancer...Cancer is in everything, the food, the water even the household items." (By: My grandfather)

Since that day about two months ago we started a relationship. I had ignored the calls at first, but I being as easily agitated as I was couldn’t take the ringing for long, and he knew it. He constantly cane waking through the front door of my shop perfect smirk on those perfect lips. He teased and taunted me calling my loudly throughout the bakery no matter who was there. Making my apprentices go see to his needs didn’t work for long, for after the two first times I sent them over there he refused to let anybody else help him but me.

When I did come out there he would often shrug when I asked what he desired and he’d simply shrug, and say just wanted to see your face. We had gotten into spats over that, and I had chased him out more than once with a broom and hoard of man friends that were at my every beck and call. Jamie was a stubborn man though he always came back and always refused to leave.

The first night I had picked up the phone was a horrible one indeed I couldn’t stop the never ending tears that refused to fade no matter how much I tried. I had, had a long distance relationship with a man who was in my home town (never a good idea may I add. Never know what they’re up to,) he had called me a few hours before stating that he was in love with another woman, and that they were to be wed the next day. Not only did it take me by surprise, but it nearly ripped my heart out. It wasn’t my first heartbreak, and it wasn’t as though he was anything special, it was only the simple reminder that I had been so dumb as to have a long distance relationship. Stupid was the only thing I could get out between sobs and nose blowing, men were all the same, and there was simply nothing I could do about it I told myself, but that only made it worse. For I was the one who had fallen for the bait; an ugly bait at that. I had let the phone ring for three times like I had every day for the past week when he had gotten my phone number. Instead of simply unplugging the phone from the wall though I picked up sobbing to broken to pay attention to the caller id that clearly stated it was him.

From the other end of the phone there was a loud sigh “Finally,” it grumbled and then went silent.

I blew my nose as the same time I asked who it was, and he replied with his name almost making me choke on a tear that had made its way passed my lips as I was speaking.

“Well what do you want? S-stop calling me!” I hiccupped from the other end of the phone causing him to make a sound that almost sounded like a laugh.

“What’s my Eva all torn up about now?” He half joked half demanded.

I gasped at the nickname “D-don’t you call me that you…you heathen. There’s nothing wrong with me I am perfectly fine,” I made a poor attempt to disguise my voice trying to get the tears and the quivering of my bottom lip to stop.

He gave a snort “Sure… that’s why you’re crying like a baby on the phone. Should I soothe you?”

I couldn’t help, but give a half choked laugh at that “N-no…” realizing I was getting soft with him I straightened up on the couch spine as straight as a rod. “Why on earth would you think you could help me? All you do is annoy the crap out of me by your constant calling. Why won’t you just l-leave me alone?” my voice quivered on the last sentence a new batch of fresh tears threatening to spill over.

As though he could sense it his toe became as equally demanding of me as well, “I just thought you might want some company or something of the sort since I saw you crying today in the restroom at the bakery.”

I gasped in surprise that had been the hour that I’d gotten the call and we had broken up.
“I was not crying there was something in my eye, I could not help it. What on earth were you doing in the ladies bathroom anyway you sick perv-!”

He cut me off “I wasn’t in the ladies bathroom stupid! You didn’t have enough sense to shut the bathroom door. I wasn’t the only one that saw. Besides leaving the bathroom door open is a welcome sign for any male prospect I’ll have you know!” He argued giving a loud huff at the end of his little speech. The line was quiet for a moment and I sat there tissue in hand phone in the other. He spoke finally after what seemed like forever.

“You’re a liar…the only thing that could have possibly been in your eye was icing for that is what you had all over your face. Besides the last time I checked you don’t cry from both eyes if you only have one thing stuck in one eye.” He emphasized the ‘ones’ longer than necessary. I h
ad wanted to hear him talk however that was not the comment I wanted to hear. I got on my knees on the couch.

“Oh, you would know wouldn’t you! I bet you’ve made lots of girls cry. Probably broken their hearts right in two! You probably didn’t care about any of them did you?” without me having realized it all of my tears had dried up and I felt excited to be arguing.

There was a pause from the other end of the phone. What’s it to you? Why do you care about my dating experience?”

A lump was caught in my throat and I wasn’t able to speak without clearing my throat. It was obvious to him I had been shocked at this reply because I could hear a faint chuckling sound from a distance as though he had set the phone down and walked away. However when I began to talk again he was there listening.

“I-I don’t care you simply assumed. I don’t give a…give a horse’s butt about your past relationships.” I bit my lip; I had been wonder a little a bit if he was single. After all what’s a girl suppose to think when I guy who is drop dead gorgeous walks into her bakery asking for her and her phone number. I rolled my eyes dismissing the thought as I sat back down the proper way on the couch.

“Don’t deny it, you think I’m handsome and you want to know if I’m single so that way you can decide whether or not to make your move on me.” He piped up I could almost hear the grin in his voice.

My fists clenched at my sides. “Well I’ll have you know I would never be interested in someone trying to close my shop. Even if you weren’t trying to I would never date and inconsiderate, pompous, self absorbed jerk like y-!” I couldn’t finish due to the fact that he was speaking over me easily.

“Well to tell you the truth I’m single, and on top of it all you don’t know anything about me and if you ever want to then meet at the old Italian restaurant downtown… tomorrow night at five-forty-five p.m.”

“I hate Italian food and I won’t be there” Slamming the phone down on the receiver first I smiled triumphantly. What made him think I would ever meet him there? My stomach gave a loud rumbling sound, signaling its neglect. There was just one small detail though…I actually enjoyed Italian food.

I smiled to myself as I took the muffins out of the over, they nearly made my mouth water they smelt so good. While they were baking I had taken the time to pick up my broken television and deposited it in the dumpster below. That night at the last minute I had decided to go, and well Jamie being Jamie, was sitting there at the bar sipping on what he later explained to me was a non-alcoholic beverage. He knew I would come, or so he had hoped….

He was wearing what most men wore the black suit and tie with a nicely polished shoe. He sat there staring out the window in an abstract way. He seemed vulnerable in this way and I almost didn’t want to disturb him but if I didn’t I would probably starve to death. My stomach was already making loud protests of indifference to the neglect I was showing in it.

I gave a sigh of agitation I was way out of my comfort zone, and it was obvious. My little flats only seemed to make me decrease in the measurement of my height. My black short dress was the classic kind the image I wished I could portray like the women in the black and white movies did. Elegance, grace, beauty, an air of self justification sophistication about them. However I was completely opposite, I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin, more then I should be.

My red longed curled was as pinned up in a bun as possible, a few little elegant curly cues falling out of their place. I blew at them trying to get them to go away or at least settle back into their original place. Straightening up I took a deep breath, and moved toward the “man on the moon.” The moon was already out, it was one of those months were the evenings came fast and the night stayed late in till the morning. The fluorescent light that shined in through the window lit the man’s face, into an indescribable place of beauty, and calm. Like the calm before a storm; I couldn’t help but hesitate drawing my yarn knitted shah closer around myself.

Manning up I moved forward, and cleared my throat to get his attention. He looked over his shoulder giving me a sly grin.

“Thought you didn’t like Italian food.” He arched an eyebrow in mock teasing, and I glowered.

“I came to give you the benefit of the doubt you fool.”

The author's comments:
I feel stupid again...doubt anybody will like it, but it is what it is.

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