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Leave It All Behind

June 1, 2008
By emma moore, Mount Olive, NC

Silent and strong, he cuts through the air;

Beautiful yet dangerous, others give him wide berth.
The sky belongs to him without question, he reigns,
The unspoken king in this abnormal kingdom.

He looks at the world with cold, calculating eye,
Graceful and sure, never second guessing,
Never pausing to worry about trivial things,
No fear, no terror, no fright.

And when everything becomes too much for him,
Nothing stops him from fleeing,
Flying away leaving all behind him.
No attachments, he leaves only awed silence in his wake.
I envy his ability
Not to care.

But this wild freedom
Comes with a price;
Nothing stops him from flying away, leaving all behind,
No attachments, nothing in his wake.
I pity his curse;
He cannot care.

I have no wings, I cannot fly.
Taking flight is not an option for me.
I don't look at the world through cold, calculating eye
I worry, I fear, I fall, I care.

When everything becomes too much for me,
I must stay where I am.
I cannot flee without notice or warning,
Cannot take off,leaving loved ones mourning.

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