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Silenced on this cold ground

August 12, 2010
By Jay-bee GOLD, Hampton, Virginia
Jay-bee GOLD, Hampton, Virginia
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Rock bottom.

I think I hit it.

My only heart,

One second away from the cold pavement.

My body,

One yard away from being found.

My heart,

Stopped beating,

So I cant make a sound.

If they'd just listen ever so closely,

They'd hear my last whispers of breath…

But as I lay here in silence,

My soul also lays here to rest.

In life, what could I have ever done to deserve this?

In life, didn't I always try my best?

Back then, I did everything I was supposed to the full extent,

Always 100%, && nothing less.

But once again I lay helpless,

Silenced on this cold ground…

Slowly drifting away…

Not making one sound.

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