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August 7, 2010
By Annika-Katryn SILVER, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Annika-Katryn SILVER, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Thou art my life, my love, my heart,
The very eyes of me:
And hast command of every part
To live and die for thee."
-Robert Herrick

I wish the world could see You the way that I see You.
I wish the world would love You the way that I love You.
For You are God and You are great and You are Love beyond imagining.
You lift me as nothing else will and You love me as no one else can.
I wish I could see You the way You are.
I wish I could love You as You love me.
You are everything to me, I who am nothing - and yet so much - to You.
If I could give all of myself to You, it would be as a star up in the sky, as a leaf within a forest,
For You are Love and You are All That Is and Ever Will Be.
Would that I could be that star within Your sky, that leaf within Your forest,
Ever to be in You, surrounded by Your Love.

The author's comments:
I thought I had written it as a poem, but Kate told me it was more of a prayer. I think she was right.

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