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I remember: It's the memories

July 4, 2010
By ChelzH SILVER, Ranson, West Virginia
ChelzH SILVER, Ranson, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"What is interesting about people is not their ability to do anything, but their perspective on everything and how the nuances of those perspectives correlate between people in similar and completely different situations." - K.H.

It's those memories
The ones that made me fall for you all over again
The first time we held hands
When it felt like it was just you and me, on our own
It's the memory of how you made me feel like the only one in a room
It's when you looked at me and said I was beautiful and perfect the way I am
It's how I remember how big I smiled It's how I believe you and always have
It's the time you were embarrassed and blushed
It's how I remember the good times and the bad
It's everything you ever did
The ones I struggle to remember now, the ones I'd give anything to relive
That's how I know I loved you
That's how I know you loved me too

The author's comments:
C. Inspired this, It's truly from the heart.

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