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A Thousand Pictures

May 29, 2008
By Jessica Edington SILVER, Gloucester, Virginia
Jessica Edington SILVER, Gloucester, Virginia
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Colorful stick figures hang on a refrigerator door
They crown the walls and tables
With love and innocence in every crayoned stroke
Like wallpaper, the masterpieces cover every visible surface
Doodles crowd the margins of a math notebook
Fighting the meaningless equations for attention
They are the results of idle time and unfocused work
Their original inspiration long forgotten
Paintings adorn the walls of an art museum
The work of masters on display for the world
Thousands flock to admire the living, breathing art
A legacy long outliving its creator
The works will be loved for generations on
Photographs lie dormant in an album
Snapshots of a happy time, frozen forever
They lie hidden, forgotten for years on end
And then rediscovered with the same magic they will always hold
All these things decorate our world
An expression of the one thing we all share
I don't think they got it quite right
All those years ago
Because if a picture is worth a thousand words
Then a word is worth a thousand pictures

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on Nov. 9 2008 at 11:20 pm
Of course your poem is AMAZING! (like usual DUH) I love how described it then said what it was and the closing sentence leaves some food for thought (cool)