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Made for Music

May 13, 2010
By LesKore GOLD, Renton, Washington
LesKore GOLD, Renton, Washington
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I’ve been hiding from music for quite a while
It’s chasing me with a knife and vindictive smile
It condemns with every judgmental lyric
I cover my ears so I don’t have to hear it

The silence is running all my sanity dry
My face to the clouds watching the days pass me by
My faith eroding with each self-sufficient lie
As I’m hiding myself in the wake of the sky

I’ve been seducing my feeble mind to go numb
To hide from myself and all that I have become
This creature with monstrous claws and sharp fangs
Deluding myself, convinced that I’m not deranged

This melancholy drenches the parched parts of me
I’m starting to think drowning is worse than thirsty
The waves crashing down in a suffocating tide
As I’m tossed in the depths of my tormented mind

My arms have grown tired so they slip from my ears
Everything I was hiding from now I hear
Realization strikes me while the melody weaves
This music is crucial to the essence of me

Now I’m lifting my voice in a hoarse harmony
Weak from lack of use, it’s no simple feat to sing
But my vocal sabbatical must at last end
As I reconcile with music, once more my best friend

The author's comments:
based on true feelings from a recent experience

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