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May 11, 2010
By Jenny21 SILVER, Pocatello, Idaho
Jenny21 SILVER, Pocatello, Idaho
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The people who mind don\'t matter, the people who matter don\'t mind.


My name has no meaning
For life is but a game
Inside this big world
We live in but a little part
We are each a little pawn
On the checkered board of life
Awakening at each dawn
We find that during our sleep
New moves have been made
It is but our job
To make sure the right ones were played
A game by which we are winning

My name has no meaning
My chess mates forbidden
To speak of the one
Who remains hidden
The one who will set us free
The one who will give us meaning
My name has no meaning
And we all live alone
We live inside our minds
Were no one really Knows
Who we really are
Were we stay safe
Everyone to scared
To show who they are
Afraid they will be dared
To go back to that place
Where Joy is no longer singing

Battle cries sing
One team has won
My name finally has meaning
And Joy is once again singing
Darkness gone forever
We are ourselves
We are proud
We have won
The never ending battle
That is life

In the wind
You can hear the song
My name is Jenny
All my worries gone
I no longer live alone

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