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April 30, 2010
By kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
" One good thing about music, When it hits you, You feel no pain."- Bob Marley

Tell me Drizzt,
Tell me his secrets,
Behind those purple eyes,
Tell me of the lies,
Tell me of the traitors,
Tell me of his kind,
Tell me of his mother,
The matron of them all,
Tell me of her hatred,
And how she made Drizzt fall,

Tell me the nature of Jade,
Tell me of the chance that she took,
Tell me of Scarlet,
And the mistakes that made,
Tell me of Ruby Mcqueen,
And her love of anything,
Tell me of Quinn
Tell me of life of Prince Charming,
Tell me of Idigo Skye,
And the tip that changed her life,

Tell me about Macy,
Tell me about her love,
Tell me about how when she runs,
Shes flys up up and above,
Tell me about wishbone,
Tell me how unlucky they were,
Tell me about her mom,
And how she was so alone,
Tell me of her dad,
Oh how he loved her,

Sing to me the forgotten realms, whisper in my ear all the terrifying tales,Scream to me the Six Rules of Maybe, Lie to me Honey, Sweetheart, Baby,Read me the Truth About Forever, Bring me to the beach, Tell me of her angel's,Tell me of thier inside jokes, Write to me thier life, I'll read every word, Like it's the last to ever be heard. I promise.

The author's comments:
It's about all my favorite books,What i love from each of the characters.

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