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in my own words, life is confusing

October 11, 2007
By mmodeusher GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
mmodeusher GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
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in my own words, life is confusing,
Thinking bout a girl who doesn't want anything to do with you,
...Or does she, maybe, giving me a sign,
To ask of her to be mine.

But I've heard so many different stories about her,
Is it true she has a man...I'm not sure,
So confused about myself,
Maybe I should have never left,

D.C. where I was born,
Staying with my father and not my mom,
But then the people I care about would not be close,
Especially my uncle who I think of most.

Am I lying to myself about this girl,
Are my feelings blocking the truth,
The smile she smiles,
The ideas she creates,

I guess I have to leave this to fate.
Her beauty amazing,
Her tenderness,
Too bad she will not see,

The way I feel...truthfully.
I care for her just as we were kin,
I care for her through thick and thin,
Why she doesn't see this; I will never know,

If she doesn't see this,
We'll never show,
What it would be like to "If" or "Could've been".
Through the tunnel of life,

So much strife and heartache,
Is it so hard to ask for a least a simple get together,
To at least spend time with the girl you care for,
To find out is she really there for.

You, in your time of need,
To see is this person a friend indeed.
Is it really that hard to open up,
To speak your heart...not keep it shut.

Your probably wondering about now,
This special girl I'm talkin' bout,
You probably know her, her name,
This girl may know you without shame.

But I will not speak her name,
On any poem or story,
Until that day when life seems true,
When she can say "I LOVE YOU"

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