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I'm Going To Miss You

April 19, 2010
By Chocolatelover22 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
Chocolatelover22 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
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-Forrest Gump

I look at your casket
Not really as warm as a blanket
It’s wooden and small
Can’t you hear my call
I was so in love
Now I’m just a mourning dove
I remember your smile
And with it I could’ve ran a mile
Now I can’t hear your voice
And it was your choice
Your choice when you decided to die
No one really knows why
And now all I want to do is cry
For you I will act respectful
Place a flower on your ground, not being neglectful
Try to wipe the tears from your younger brothers face
Help dull out that blank space
The one with memories of you
He’ll sleep with bloodshot baby blues
Did you know he has no clue
Now I can’t feel your arms around me
And I forgot how that must be
But if I remember you
Will you remember me
And as I lie in my cold bed
With a lost head
I try and forget our last goodbyes
But all I come up with is your sad eyes
I dream about the things I should’ve said
Now it’s too late and your dead
At school I’ll see an empty desk
Where you use to sit and guess
Now there’s nothing but a hole in my chest
I find myself wondering if we were even true
Goodbye my first love
Rid your painful memories that no one knew of
I believed you when you said you’d pull through
And now I have no one to look to
Gee, I’m going to miss you

The author's comments:
I dream about the things I should’ve said. Now it’s too late and your dead.

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