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The Other Side of Me

April 17, 2010
By VampireChicka BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
VampireChicka BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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A hidden Past that nobody knows,she is a mystery that will never close.
A shattered heart with missing parts,In her eyes there hold no spark.
Her outside grin is only that, for from within she is pitch black.
She loves nobody, that loves returned the hatred in her soul is all that burns.
SHe hates the world, cause no one cares about the sadness that she bears.
She's lost and afraid, she's a song with no name.
She's sick of the lies. She's too weak to try.
Her fears, like her tears, are impossible to number as she falls silently into this slumber.
The numbness she feels is her one true friend.
It eases the pain that's always calling her name, with it she
no hurt,
no shame,
no blame.
She walks silently though the halls. She does not turn around when her name is called.
She's afraid to speak,
afraid to breathe,
afraid to love,
afraid to believe.
She needs your help, she wants to feel.
But mostly she wants you to know her idenity.
This girl who's dying,
she's real and breathing.
She's the girl you see,
This girl is me.

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