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All Powerful

April 12, 2010
By DORK_OF_THE_MONTH BRONZE, Lewisburg, Tennessee
DORK_OF_THE_MONTH BRONZE, Lewisburg, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat."

-John Lehman

Doth not high winds shake towering arbor, tilting trunk and bending branches?
Doth not torrenting rains claim once glorious structures for the dark and terrible waters?
Doth not the ground tremble, splitting the earth in two and dragging innocents to bottomless depths?
Then why fore dost thou question Mother Earth's infinite and merciless power when all these things we do hold true?

The author's comments:
Yes, natural disasters are horrible. And, yes, so many lives are ruined when they hit. But whether we like it or not, they are inevitable. We can kick and scream all we want, but they're a part of life that must be endured. No amount of study or praying or recycling is going to stop something that's been happening since the beginning of time.

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