Forever | Teen Ink


May 21, 2008
By Anonymous

You don’t know me
You see right through me
Like a shining glass
I’m not perfect
But how would you know?
You never look beyond my surface
You don’t see the real me
I am different around you
I can’t act the same way
Living with what you do to me
As I walk in school
With the bruises on my arms
People wonder
They ask, but I just continue on my way
I can’t talk about it
I hold it deep inside of me
The truth is I am scared

I am scared of you

I am scared of the way they will react
This is the way you release your pain
But think of the pain you are putting me through
When will you stop?
Will you ever end my misery?
Please don’t make me live this way forever
One day you will take it too far and that would be my forever

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