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my love for you is...

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Like a flower in the middle of May,

just beginning to bloom.
My love for you began to grow,

it I would not undo.

Form the endles gazing into your

mesmerizing deep blue eyes,
To the wrinkle in your face

when you would smile.
Everything about you made me,

feel good within.
Thats why I had told you that,

I am in love with you.

So when my heart began to sing,

I was not surprised.
It was because I knew that

my journey was over,
I found you my dear Christina

and I love you.

From the day you said "I love you,"

I felt so warm inside.
And every time you had a smile,

I could not help but grin.
For I knew that we would be together,

for now and all times.
I am so glad I came to know you,

to have all those good times.

Here and now we are together,

for now and forever.
There and then i will would look back

on what we have done.

I really love this woman

for now and all times,
For the rest of my life

I want to spend it with her.

I love her dearly,

oh yes I do.
So thankful that I had said,
"I love you..."

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