Heartbreakers | Teen Ink


May 18, 2008
By Anonymous

They take our memories
They take our hearts
They take our souls
And they take our love

They are heartbreakers
They may lie
They may even steal
But they always love us

They think someone’s better
So they dump us not thinking
That it crushes our whole world
And makes us change

We don’t like it
But we have to admit it
That they don’t always care
About how we feel

They sometimes think
That we have no feelings
And they find out
That that is not true

They say hurtful things
But we can’t help it
We love them even if
They don’t love us back

We hate to admit it
And we hate to talk about it
And we hate to confess
But inside they are killing us

We can’t take it
Of how much we love them
So some of us resort
To hurting ourselves

But some of us
Are strong enough
To fight back
And break up with them

We say no more
Its enough
Its time to move on
And get a new life

But some of us
Actually stay strong
And get married
And have a good life

And some of us
Grow old together
And we are happy
And never sad and lonely

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