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May 17, 2008
By Anonymous


Late at night, my body struggles to break down;
As it falls slowly into a sudden weary paralysis against my sheets.

Limp and listless, I find myself not able to sleep for a short while and although I can see;
Staring into the darkness still manages to blind me.

The process begins as the uncertainty of the nighttime drowns me;
Pushes and plunges me into a vortex of;
Swirling images and dangerous devices.

A live nightmare, ready for its feasting;
Robs me of images once so clean.

Confused, I am finally able to slip into an unconscious slumber;
Where such nightmares take the shape of predatory blisters.

Vulnerable now, I can’t save myself;
As these imaginary demons eat away at me;
One by one, plucking the sweating pores from my skin;
Thriving off of fear, they yearn to win.

Trying to run, they numb me;
Piercing my heart;
Their intensity gains on me;
With sharp fangs and even sharper pictures
They hunt me down with two major options:

Do I choose to believe in their seductive, mysterious secrets?
Or just walk away and uncover something hidden about my waking life?

Awake now, I perch myself at the foot of my bed.
Drenched in sweat, I hold myself there to keep from falling.

I wonder, time and time again- when are these dreams going to speak up;
To tell me what I need to know so I can get on with it?

Oblivious to their messages;
The demands, the pounding pressure of these dreams;
Are grasping my emotions;
The deeper they are, the stronger the hold may be.

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